Become a Sponsor or Volunteer

A successful event is measured by many markers: attendance, funds raised, tickets sold. After all is said and done, if the smiles outweigh the frowns, the event is a success.

Much goes into planning these events. Who should our entertainers be? What will be the theme? What kind of food should be available? It takes a great team to organize, but, it takes even greater sponsors and volunteers to pull it off!

Since the first Jubilee celebration, the City has counted on its sponsors and volunteers to ensure the success of their events. Sponsors, both monetary and in-kind product, are a vital resource. Without their generosity, our Star Spangled Spectacular might only be Ordinary!

Business volunteers donating time at our events have an opportunity to showcase their business by sharing information with event attendees and are also able to show pride in their profession by wearing company logos and apparel. Attendees, in turn, get to know the business owners and employees in a different light…as a community partner.

How can you help?

Sponsorship opportunities range from products and services for give-a-ways, monetary assistance to help off-set costs of organizing events or volunteering to taste competition BBQ. Gift certificates, discount offers and business-labeled products provide sponsors an alternate way to share their name with potential clients. Sponsors receive recognition through event advertising and marketing materials.

To be a BBQ judge, please call 210.619.1803 or email Jennifer, For sponsor-level information of City of Schertz events, please contact our Events Team at (210)619-1636 or email